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Community events

One of the cornerstones for Rocket Punch that we work to drive home is community. We create awesome content, but if no one is around to provide feedback, then there is no way we can improve. Anyone can create anything, but if there is no community backing them up, then the rise to the top gets harder and harder. This is why we have focused on getting out into our community, so that we can make ourselves better for our fans. Community Events is our Rocket Punch initiative to participate and interact with our community, wherever they may be. 

The Rocket Punch crew works each month to find, or create, events that fans can participate in to hang out and meet Rocket Punch, as well as join up with other people within the community with similar interests. This also allows the Rocket Punch crew to spend some time with the people that listen and watch their content, and see what thoughts they may have about how the crew is doing. With Community Events, the crew hopes to get closer to their fans than ever before, and also allow people within the area, who may have never met each other, to come together and enjoy their similar interests! 

Follow our Event Schedule below to see when the next event happens!


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