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For as hard as we at Rocket Punch work to record great gaming content to viewers, we can't always be next to a microphone to capture those great moments. But then we thought, "It's 2017, we have mics with us all the time!", and came up with a brilliant solution. Enter Bytes, our short-form radio station on Anchor, that we use to send out short audio clips from the crew that discuss geekdom, gaming, and life in general

Leveraging Anchor, now whenever anything in the life of the Rocket Punch crew wants to talk about, whether it be an awesome experience from a game, some weird random geeky thought, or some thought-provoking life questions, they can record that and send it out over the Bytes station. This allows fans and new people to get to know Rocket Punch on a much deeper level, and in smaller, "byte" size chunks, on topics ranging from gameplay impressions, reviews, life questions, experiences, and more! Need some more Rocket Punch fixes throughout the day, then Bytes is our answer to you!

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