DECEMBER 2015. A group of friends created an idea and joined forces. The idea to show the world all the awesome geek, nerd, and gaming culture there is to see in the Southeast United States. The idea to share our passion for games, comics, and geek culture with everyone, and show them just how awesome geeks are in the Southeast! From there, we set out to make our voices heard. and thus, ROCKET PUNCH WAS BORN!

Rocket Punch is a gaming entertainment network based in Huntsville, Alabama, with the goal of showcasing our talents and nerdy passion to the world! But what does that mean? Each week, we work hard to bring people some of the best content around geekdom, gaming, and more. Whether that comes from our podcasts, video streams, or community meetups, we strive to help build a network embedded in the Southeast US that can show everyone around the country, and the world, that we have just as much geeky talent as anywhere else! 

We talk about games and geeky things every day, so why not record it into a microphone? We host podcasts, write insightful articles, host events, and create a plethora of video content for hundreds of fans every day! We also party up with amazing creators near and far. We highlight streamers, artists, YouTube stars, bloggers, podcast hosts, and damn well just about anybody who makes something cool, cute, geeky, nerdy, or just plain awesome!

Whether you are here for the first time, or have been with us since the beginning, we cannot thank you enough for your support, and we hope to continue to share our brand of geekdom to the world.

The Crew

Cameron Kirnes


Cameron acts as the Editor for Rocket Punch, helping to manage content scheduling and tasking, while also hosting The Rocket Punch Cast and Creator Spotlight. While enjoying his time with Nintendo at a young age (until the Virtual Boy etched the color red into his retinas), he has also found a passion for PlayStation, and spends most of his time in the PlayStation Nation. If you aren't hearing him talk about the latest exclusives games, how much fun he is having with the Nintendo Switch, or deciding whether he should get an Xbox One X (even though he has a GTX 1080 in his PC...), then you can probably catch him reading comics and books, having fun cooking, watching the latest anime, or wondering why he hasn't been able to finish his game backlog yet.


William Ter Keurst


Will acts as the Producer for Rocket Punch, helping to create most of the assets and tons of content for Rocket Punch, and also works some time in there to hosting Tank 'n Spank. He grew up playing mostly Nintendo games, and eventually transitioned over to playing anything he could get his hands on! Although nowadays he primarily plays on a PC, he patiently waits for the day when Mario takes his seat on his "throne of bones" and we begin to worship our Koopa-stomping overlord. Until then, he is content playing some Uncharted, Destiny, and may even chat you up about craft beers and weapons in his spare time (or DBZ: Dokkan Battle, whichever one comes up first).

IMG_2546 (1).jpg

Seth Turner


Seth is a veteran and cofounder of Rocket Punch, who after taking time away from the team, has returned to support Rocket Punch as our official Designer! If you see any of the graphics, layouts, and styles across our media, then there is a very high chance that Seth had a hand in creating them. He will be supporting Rocket Punch with continuing to assist with how Rocket Punch looks and feels for our viewers and listeners!

As a freelance graphics editor, Seth can also assist others with their needs! Be sure to vists his site at hellosethturner.com for details on his services!


Charles Samuel


Charles, or Chaz as we refer to him, has been a part of the Rocket Punch team in the past, appearing on multiple shows and videos. He has returned to Rocket Punch to help support the team as our Composer! Any of the music and tunes that you may hear in our podcasts, videos, and streams, will likely have been created by Chaz., He will be working with Rocket Punch to bring more original and melodic tunes to the ears of our community!

Chaz also does freelance work for musical art creation for others as well. Be sure to check out cesamuelscoring.com for more information about his services!


The Contributors

What we are now could not be possible without what we were before. Since 2015, many people have provided specific support to Rocket Punch, and even when one is moving forward, one can never forget the path left behind. These are people who have helped, or continue to help Rocket Punch become more. We appreciate the help and support they have provided, and know that we can keep going because of them.